Professional Aerial Filming

Our aerial filming team consists of professionals, providing unprecedented air shots and footage. We use state of the art RC (radio controlled) filming platforms and multirotor UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), reaching locations and low altitudes that no actual aircraft is able to reach. Our fleet of UAVs (drones), consists of high-end professional heavy lift octocopters, quadcopters and helicopters, fully equipped with pro grade stabilized camera gimbals, GPS and navigation, audio-visual telemetry, independent aerial camera motion in 3-axis controlled by a second operator, whilst the director is able to supervise the aerial filming in real time, by means of long range video transmission links and ground monitors. Of course, apart from monitoring in real time from the ground, we can also provide a video transmission link, for direct and real time TV broadcasting services either in SD or Full HD!

We are supported by the global leading companies in the industry, such as Mikrokopter, T-Motors and Graupner. Our oversized Heavy Lift Drones are capable of lifting virtually any professional camera, like Arri, Red, BlackMagic, etc. for Ultra High Resolutions up to 8K, or even dual camera setups for 3D filming. We have been selected for our quality, by some of the top production companies and worldwide TV networks.

Our aerial filming services can be used but not limited to any kind of film production, events, action and sports, advertising, hotels and resorts, real estate, government, military, surveillance, security, emergencies and in numerous other applications.

Just let your vision take off!

We offer our services worldwide and our crew is ready to travel anywhere throughout the globe on demand.

For us, safety always comes first, and for that reason we employ highly experienced pilots, while we are among the very few in the world, fully and legally insured for third party liability through Lloyd’s UK.

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