Underwater Professional Filming

Filming underwater opens a new creative world with images and colors that do not exist anywhere on the surface of earth. The motion is smooth and the lack of gravity makes UW scenes look like a journey in space. The possibilities are endless and totally unique. From advertising and promotion, to cinematic productions and documentaries, UW offers motion and still pictures that make the difference.

Our underwater professional filming crew is able to shoot amazing underwater scenes up to 100+ meters below the surface of the sea/lake. Our crew consists of certified top level scuba diving instructors who are even officially certified for UW photography and videography by the leading global diving organizations. Such extreme depths require high skills, experience as well as high end diving and filming equipment. Our equipment consists of world-class UW housings, accommodating some of the best UW cameras and lenses as well as powerful UW video lights and strobes. The result is colorful images, in ultra high definitions up to full cinematic 4K.

Our team has already shot for underwater fashion projects, documentaries, historical shipwrecks, and rare marine life including sharks, whalesharks, sea-turtles and other amazing creatures, all over the world. It is not a coincidence that pieces of our work are featured by National Geographic as well as several scientific image libraries.


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