On Board Cameras

On-board camera setups

Most action events and sports offer breathtaking first person views and images. We provide a wide array of on-board camera setups, from lightweight and small sized, to fully stabilized and remotely controlled ones. All applications and setups can be equipped with real time video transmission systems, for remote monitoring or live broadcasting. All setups are fully customizable according to the specific needs and requirements of the client, as well as the restraints of their environment.

Chase-vehicle setups

We provide chase-vehicle setups for all motion following shots, like moving cars, motorcycles, or even speedboats and others. Extremely fast motion, very low angled shots and dramatic moves, can be captured in perfection with our high-end 3axis stabilized gimbals. All that, with the convenience and safety of the remotely controlled cameras.

Hoverboard camera setups

Surfing on land using our hoverboards and carrying fully stabilized and remotely controlled gimbals, offers quick camera moves, on any flat surface, indoors or outdoors. It allows us to quickly pass between objects, people, points of interest, turning and spinning or even capturing 360 views on the move. The smoothness and stability of the resulting shots is unparalleled and only compared with the feeling of flight.

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